Pooch Patrol

Dog walking & animal care with a qualified dog trainer

"After using several different dog walking companies I really think that Pooch Patrol is the best.  Our walker, Narida is super attentive, on time, and really truly loves our dog Chewy.  She also provides us with amazing shots of Chewy while they are walking. Pooch Patrol also has great customer service, they are always reliable and will quickly find a replacement walker if Louis is out sick or on vacation.  Really great quality service for a great price!  I highly recommend!"

Ashley James -Middle park
"Pooch Patrol is really a great upgrade from your run of the mill dog walking services.  They are reliable, consistent, and really love your dog like it is their own. Our walker, Narida., is always keeping our pup entertained and taking him to see all different parks and beaches in the area!They do a great job dealing with last minute requests and we love seeing the photos of our pup while Narida is out and about with him.
Highly recommend!"

Grant Bray - St Kilda